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About Us

Rely on our proven business solutions to expand your horizons
Our Mission
Our mission is tied to our very name – to empower clients to strategically ford barriers to change, because we believe the results born of that decisive step are usually well worth the effort.

Whether helping define your workforce strategy or telling you how many people are needed to effectively perform back office functions (Office Services / Facilities, Mail, Copy, Records, Reception, etc.), where labor can truly be replaced by technology, how to migrate to a new vendor or to successful self-performance, we have a solution bespoke to YOU alone, expertly crafted and delivered with care.

Owner-operated, by folks who worked in the trenches for decades. Holistic and healthy. Unmatched in ethics and in commitment to our clients and employees. We are Rubicon, and we help remove barriers.

Now more than ever, change is good.

In our rapidly transforming marketplace, running a successful business is less about keeping up with peers than it is about anticipating (or nimbly responding to) unforeseen competitors.


The team at Rubicon Consulting Solutions provides clients with expeditious and agnostic line-of-sight over their non-core, non-revenue producing functions — so they can spend their precious time on the business of doing business.

We swiftly offer data-backed insight into what’s working, what’s not, and what best practices in labor, technology and equipment will help propel clients' businesses into the future.

Using experience born from 30+ years in the Facilities Management and Business Process Outsourcing arenas, our analysts craft the most appropriate solutions for clients and then match them to the perfect service provider.

Let us optimize what doesn’t put money into your pocket, so you can focus on driving business and on staying ahead of the competition.

Our affilations
Rubicon is Proudly Women-Owned

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We can do the following and so much more:

  • Provide unbiased current state analysis, with clear reports of findings and recommendations.
  • Audit third-party vendors against contractual commitments and help renegotiate contracts / bid out services.
  • Draft and administer Requests for Proposal (RFPs) for services; provide operational and contractual oversight of selected vendor(s).
  • Migrate functions back to successful self-performance (insourcing).
  • Architectural consulting and workflow design.
  • Recommend quality third-party vendors for:
    • Facilities management and business process outsourcing / digitization, equipment and technology, training, sustainability consulting, DE&I solutions, and beyond.
  • Integrate data-backed training and development programs for employees.

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